Student Parking

The application for a parking permit is available below. Please fill it out completely and bring it to the main office with your $100 payment.  If payment has been made through FACTS, please indicate “paid via FACTS” on the application.  The application is not considered for assignment of a space until payment has been received.

All students may turn in applications at any time to get in the queue for their class.

Spaces will be given to seniors first when applications are processed.   After August 9, seniors will be placed in the pool with other students. The spaces will go to juniors in order of received applications and then to sophomores in order of received applications.

There are enough parking spaces for all students.  Hang tags will be distributed when school starts, so until then, just find a parking space until hang tags are issued.

Please read the parking regulations in the handbook to be sure you are in compliance.

If you have questions, please contact Brenda Neuhaus at