The goal of Fr. Tolton Catholic High School is to educate students in spirit, heart, mind and body. The focus on developing a student’s heart includes developing a heart for service, and is manifested in various ways, not the least of which is our service program. Students are encouraged to pursue interests and passions which uphold and reinforce the Catholic Christian identity of the school. Students are required to perform a minimum of 20 service hours per year; these are necessary for graduation.

These hours are then logged using the website www.x2vol.comThe school’s Student Service Coordinator and administration have the responsibility of approving the service hours, once they have been submitted and verified on the x2vol website. Questions about the service requirement should be directed to those offices. For questions and help logging hours, see the Tolton Catholic Service Website at:

All students must complete a minimum of twenty hours of approved Christian service each year. The school will guide students in the selection of and reflection upon those hours of service.

Another aspect of developing students’ hearts for service includes our All-School Day of Service, which takes place each spring. Each year, a different house plans and organizes for the entire student body to go into the greater community and serve others as Christ called us to. (Day of Service hours are not counted toward the 20-hour requirement.)

Outside communities with opportunities for TCHS students may fill out this form ( Our Student Service Coordinator will evaluate the request and will generally send the information along to the whole student body with other opportunities or service information. Students can then contact your organization or community to sign up for the service opportunity.