House System

The purpose of the Father Tolton House System shall be to further enhance the school’s mission by providing daily opportunities for development in the areas of our four pillars: spirit, heart, mind and body. This allows the students to conceptualize and institute activities and events that develop strong ties of community both within our school and in the greater Columbia area.

House Coordinator: Wes Stratman

House Faculty Coordinator: Mike Johnson

House Captain Liaison: Pat Kelly


Language Definitions:
•    Describes the whole system

“Community” or “Saint Community”
•    Whole House


•    Group of 15-18 students and a mentor teacher within a larger house

House Names:              Colors:

Blaise                         Cobalt Blue & Gray

Ethelbert                    Crimson & Gold

Gonzaga                    Lavender, Black & White

Maximillian                Red & White

Sebastian                   Emerald Green & Silver

Xavier                          Navy & Gold

Faculty Advisors:

House of Blaise                 Pat Kelly, Zach Rockers, Ananta Khanal, Charissa Consiglio

House of Ethelbert           Haley Gerling, Scott Henderson, Marigrace Powers

House of Gonzaga            Paulina Tramel, Lee Franklin, Vince Morris

House of Maximillian       Celina Pinedo, Matt Plank, Kristen Bexten, Chuck Register

House of Sebastian          Dustijn Hollon, Katie Tesoro, Lonnie Tapia, Mikelle Cortez

House of Xavier                 Brittany Copeland, Jeremy Osborne, Ericca Thornhill


Faculty advisors meet Tuesdays during House time (alternating weeks)