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Financial Aid & Tuition Reminders
Reminder to all 2016-17 students: The deadline for completing financial aid and scholarship applications is Friday, April 15th.   The link to the financial aid application is on the website, under Financial Aid on the Admissions tab.  If your tax returns are completed, the application process takes less than 20 minutes. If you need the […]

Athletic Director Message
Many times I reflect on how we have grown as a school community, and in particular how well we have grown as an activities/athletics department. We have had great success in a wide variety of activities at Fr. Tolton Catholic High School, which is a testament to our hardworking students, our dedicated coaches, and the […]

Financial aid and scholarship application information
As we are preparing for the 2016-17 school year, part of the discussion includes the tuition and fees.  The board has approved the tuition rates for next year.  We all know that paying tuition is an investment in our children, but for those families that the full tuition is too much to bear, we do […]

Tuition News
What is value? The dictionary defines it as “relative worth, merit, or importance”. As the Board of Directors discussed and debated what the tuition for 2016-17 would be, this was at the center of the discussion. What is the value of the education at Fr. Tolton Catholic High School? Certainly, we all understand that it […]